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Leading Leader’s Leadership Leads: a look at the ‘Big Five’
10.03.2017, 09:29
By the years end, the UN’s Big Five might look like this; Donald Trump, Theresa May, Marie Le Pen, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

What’s more, how many of them were actually wanted? Trump received 3 million less votes than Clinton and May was not elected and her Conservative Party got 36% of the vote in 2015. Nobody can say about France yet for sure, and we all know about China.

That leaves Putin. He was elected by popular vote, if we accept the election was legitimate. He looks poised to win again, assuming he is running. Every poll since Russia’s annexation of the Crimea shows his popularity above 80%. In addition, his United Russia party increased its majority in the state Duma, even though voter turnout was unspeakably low. I might add this is as the Russian economy retracted by 3.7% in 2015, 2 million more Russians entered poverty and 77 of its 89 regions are running deficits.

By contrast, Congress has an approval rating of 28% and the UK Parliament of just 16%, although both countries’ leaders are at 48% respectively according to the latest figures. Meanwhile, both countries experience crises in the health sector, salaries remain low, infrastructure is crumbling, defense spending is astronomical and the ruling parties’ are fixated on immigration for the time being.

The figures seem odd given the circumstances. The leaders of Russia, the UK and US are elevated above the government who are blamed for the bad while the leaders take credit for the good.

Certainly, when one looks at the left in France, the UK and US, this explains what they lack and why they sit outside of government: leadership.

Poll after poll show a majority of Americans are with the Democrats on policy. In the UK, Labour’s policies are immensely popular among a majority of Brits, but Labour isn’t. In France, Francois Hollande sank to 12% approval ratings and his would be Socialist successor, Benoit Hamon, currently sits at 14.5% in the polls.

A person who strives to live their life based on common sense and logic would rightly be flabbergasted by the current situation. The Republican Party have moved into a mental institution since the TEA party’s agenda took over its platform. Yet somehow, the party who believe the Noah’s Ark story is factual and the pussy grabber have succeeded a scholarly family man who never had any scandals and left the country in better shape than he found it.

In Britain, leading economists are in agreement that austerity was the wrong way to go. Food banks, added debt, house prices the list goes on. Hardly anybody cared about the EU until recently, yet somehow a complete buffoon with as much diplomatic grace as a wet carrot combined with a crackpot 1950s re-enactor managed to convince 17 million people they knew better than real life experts.

Now the climate is citing ‘fake news’ and alternative facts. Opposite world now makes up elected a lot of government in the West. It is also the case if you say to any general population ‘you cannot be that stupid’, they respond with ‘don’t tell me how stupid I can be! You have no idea how stupid I can be!’

The good news is that neo-liberalism is deeply unpopular, as public polling finds, and as we have seen for years, failing.

If the general populous isn’t with the current leadership on the issues, this gives them power to control the agenda. Yet in Britain, this isn’t happening and the protests aren’t working. Instead of fierce backlash to to the worst economic inequality in 100 years, Londoners carry signs reading ‘Babies Against Bigots’. Now, I am no bigot or in favour of bigotry, but babies are against being woken up, and pick your battles.

As for Russia, people are too surprised when you tell them THEY are the ones who have to change a situation – assuming they even want to. Most ordinary Russians would enjoy greater public spending, higher salaries and a better pension. But breaking the relative peace it enjoys may make things worse.

The political right in the West apologise for nothing, the left for everything. The people don’t want to be apologised for, they want to be lead and made to feel special. The left chooses leaders who cannot win or want to talk about whose arse we’re kicking next. Outside of the Big Five, southern Europe’s left is also in disarray and the pink tide of Latin America might be on its way out. Macron may prove this wrong yet, however.

This issue of leadership is an issue on the right, as well. Not because its leaders are wacky either. In the US for example, look no further than Russia.

At the end of last autumn, Obama said that Ronald Reagan would be spinning in his grave if he knew the Russians hacked an American election. Of course, as Saint Reagan rides horses in heaven with Jesus (as Bill Maher put it) we are awaiting the investigation report on whether the Trump campaign collaborated with the Russian government, so I will not speculate either way. My point is merely that the Republican Party needs its own leader to stand up to Trump.

For if the investigation (or Trump’s leaked tax returns) show this to be definitive, the Republicans find themselves on the edge of a cliff with a huge sign above its head reading ‘country or party?’ Let’s also not forget Ukraine. If Trump upsets Putin, does he have compromising material the intelligence reports claim? If he isn’t seen standing up to Putin or giving him a free pass; how does his party and country respond? Let alone America’s allies.

Many Democrat senators have been hinting since the inauguration that Republicans in congress express huge dissatisfaction with the President in private. If they aren’t lying, then more questions need asking at town hall meetings. Russia aside, Trump promised more than is ever achievable.

Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and now Macron attracted huge crowds of supporters. The difference is one of them inspired genuine hope, the other was merely the ‘stand out’ candidate. For all his efforts, Macron has benefitted from now being a Socialist, Francois Fillon or insane.

When the energy is there, it should be tapped into. But this means turning up to a gun fight with a gun and not a knife or pamphlet explaining why guns are bad. Okay?

Meanwhile, the East are turning away from Westernism as a suitable model to follow. NGO’s work is becoming harder and ‘tradition’ is a word thrown around like a Wi-Fi password at a strangers house.

The world now faces many problem, not one can be solved without Russia, China or the US. The UK and France ought to quit the infighting before taking selfies in the gym to impress the little countries.

In the next few decades the world will witness serious changes if we are to carry on living here. Too many of its most powerful leaders are finding answers to the wrong questions and those asking the right questions have the wrong answers.

Meanwhile, as you finished reading this article to the end, the world still cries out for better leadership.

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Автор: James Pearce, PhD candidate, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
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